Aromatherapeutic Pillows

How the pillows are made

Aromatic pillows and the herbs that go into them have a long history of brightening rooms, beds, cribs, and couches. ┬áTucking an aromatic pillow into your regular pillow before bed or nestling one amidst your baby’s blankets is an effective way to breath some benefits while you sleep or lounge. The herbs in these pillows are specifically picked to bring mental clarity and various other states of being to you whenever you need it. Handpicked by the resilient collectors of Nepal’s northern Humla region, the herbs then make the long journey to Kathmandu. Once arrived at the Himalayan Herbs workshop in the capital city they are processed and stuffed into pillows right away. This ensures the aromatic benefits of the herbs aren’t lost. Once the pillows are stuffed by skilled craftswomen, they are packaged in boxes made from local Nepali paper and sent to the shelves!

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