Pitta Pillow

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If your dominant Dosha is Pitta, then the cool, sweet smelling scents of this pillow are for you.

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The ancient healing system of Ayurveda found that three basic forces, the Tridosha (Kapha, Vata and Pitta) exist in every human being and influence all mental and physical processes. We are born with a particular balance of these Dosha. Our body type, temperament, and susceptibility to illness are largely governed by our predominant Dosha.

Like fire, Pitta people are energetic, dynamic, and passionate, but destructive when out of control. They are known for their keen intellect, perfectionist tendencies and sharp anger. When balanced, they are the most intelligent, perceptive and courageous of the Doshas. Warm, friendly, competitive, determined and independent, they make good leaders, but may pursue their strengths single-mindedly at the cost of holistic balance and compromise. Out of balance Pitta can be impulsive, ambitious, aggressive, dominating, manipulative, angry and frustrated. When completely out of balance, they can be hateful and vindictive even psychopathic or criminal.

The Pitta body is usually of average build and good proportion. Pitta usually prefer cool climates, food and drink and often have hearty appetitites. When well fed and content, their natural heat creates courage and clarity. Pitta people need cool, sweet smelling scents to keep the mind calm, cool and balanced.

Put your Pitta pillow among your bed pillows to inhale scents while sleeping. Knead pillow softly to awaken scent, Your pillow will remain pungent up to 6 months after packing is removed depending on climatic conditions.

If you wish to clean your pillow cover, remove it gently hand wash in cool water with a mild soap.

Ingredients: Brassica album, Foeniculum vulgare, Mentha arvensis, Sangalum album.

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