Paige’s Pick: Tie-Dye Notebook

My love for this product harkens back to my days as a tree hugging, tie-dye wearing, peasant skirt owning hippy child. I can’t explain why the bright explosion of colour and design that is tie-dye always spoke to me, but it has. When I first arrived in Nepal and walked into Handcraft Nepal’s shop, these notebooks immediately caught my eye amidst the vibrant chaos. They are bright, beautiful and easy to write in thanks to their unique design. As a writer, having an endless supply of notebooks is very important to me. The handmade lokta paper in this, and all our paper products, gives writing a luxurious feel even when you’re just transcribing your grocery list. I cannot recommend this book enough. No wait, I probably can. I very much recommend this book. In fact, I recommend it so much that you should buy one in every colour! Share them, horde them, shoot them out of a t-shirt gun at a sporting event because everyone you know (including you) will love this flamboyantly beautiful notebook.

Nadia’s Pick: Aromatherapeutic Pillows

This is a lovely product I had never heard of before working with a wonderful association of herbal producers in Nepal! It is hard to understand what it is until you grasp it and smell it. As we are virtual here, let me explain: It is a small 10 x 10 cm cushion filled with a very specific mixture of medicinal and aromatic plants grown in Nepal, some at very high altitude in the Himalayas. And it’s not any random mix!  The recipes for every herbal pillow we have in store were prepared by a Tibetan Lama (a buddhist monk/medicine man) and the father of Laiku, the inspiring woman who leads the business. You could compare the product to a potpourri, but wrapped in a cute fabric and where the aroma is more than a perfume, as it has been specifically prepared following the ancient tradition in Tibetan medicine to enhance well-being.  As a massage therapist, this is the type of product I adore! I completely fell in love with the whole collection, including the amulets that are exactly the same, only smaller so you can wear them around your neck and have them with you at all times.

So what do you do with it? You simply keep it close to your pillow at night so that you are inhaling the benefits while sleeping. You can also keep one beside your working desk or reading chair, or carry it in your backpack while travelling!  



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