Driving or travelling within Nepal can be a frightening experience. One friend of ours recounted needing to give herself a pep-talk before attempting to cross the road for the first few weeks she lived there. While the streets of Nepal are full of drivers who seem to invent their own rules, the bus drivers are in a league of their own in this regard. As far as we can tell, these are the secret rules of the road for the Nepali Brotherhood of Bus Drivers:

1.) There is absolutely no such thing as “not enough room” (that’s for more people, luggage and livestock on the bus, as well as places a bus can squeeze through).

2.) The speed limit does not exist. Travel as fast as current traffic, or lack thereof, will allow.

3.) Potholes should not be acknowledged. They do not exist.

4.) Stop abruptly for all livestock.

5.) One hand on the wheel, one hand on the horn.

6.) Pretend you are a Grand Theft Auto driver at all times.




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