Man, we havent had a blog post in a long time. Why is that, you may be wondering? Well we have been dealing with all the challenges and wonderfulness of returning to Canada after almost a year living in Nepal. Since both Earthbeats and those who follow our journey are extremely important to us, we think its time for a bit of an update! Where have we been, what have we been doing, and what is coming up next for you!

When Paige left Nepal she moved to the most quintessentially Canadian place she could think of: Fernie, British Columbia. She spent the winter working at a ski hill, skiing everyday and editing videos and photos for Earthbeats. Since Paige is largely in charge of all things media for Earthbeats, she made sure to keep our followers up to date through our website and social media channels whenever there was a new documentary release. Then she did something a little crazy and ran away to the wilds of the Canadian bush to plant trees for the summer. Not a whole lot of service in the bush apparently. So this partly explains the lack of daily updates for you guys! No worries though, shes back in Fernie and back in the game!

As for Nadia, after a winter spent slowly settling back home in Montreal, Quebec, reuniting with family and dealing with some reverse culture shock, she finally got her energy back and found her balance in three of her passions. She accepted a job in partnership development with an amazing team of designers and social visionaries at a non-profit dedicated to revitalizing urban spaces in Montreal and beyond. She also started massage therapy again, reconnecting with healing while doing a couple artisans markets to share Earthbeats’ treasures.  She is now more ready than ever to bring Earthbeats to the next level and launch its beautiful shop, investing in this social business to make a difference in the lives of both producers and consumers.

So thats where weve been and what weve been doing! So, whats next for Earthbeats? As you may already know, Earthbeats came to be through the dedication, passion, and expertise of so many different people. We love to have people involved in this project and from the beginning, weve wanted to be as open and transparent about our journey as possible. We intend to move forward with this priority in mind. Were going to create more and more content for you to learn not only about Earthbeats and our products and producers, but also about Nepal and the beautiful challenges of starting and operating a business. Oh, and all the other craziness that happens along the way.

So, sorry for the brief hiatus! But stay tuned for more incredible content from Paige, Nadia and their collaborators. And please, if you ever have any questions or comments shoot us an e-mail. We’d love to chat and get to know you!



  1. Agathe

    Great summary and pictures! Good To see you back To this beautiful project 🙂
    Long life To EarhBeats and have fun!!

    • Earthbeats

      Thank you Agathe for your comment, we’re happy to be back and we’re certainly having fun! Thanks for sticking with us and stay tuned!

  2. Penny

    Wishing you great success as you move forward with Earthbeats…and life!

    • Earthbeats

      Thanks for your support from the very beginning of this venture Penny! And thanks as well for all the well wishes. Can’t wait to share more content with you and get some products in your mailbox real soon.


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