Earthbeats was born in Nepal, with the aim to connect herbal artisans with handmade craft lovers around the world.  To trace products back to their origins and meet the people and their families handcrafting them.  Our hope for Earthbeats’ blog is for it to become a one-stop-shop for all things Nepal. Products, travel advice, recipes and entertainment straight from the home of Everest itself. We want you to fall in love with this country in every way possible, just like we did and if we can play matchmaker to help you do it, all the better.

But, we realize that we aren’t a couple of human Superwomen and it’s impossible for us to cover everything about Nepal. So, keeping in mind our desire to show you the best and brightest of this spectacular country, here are some other blogs, accounts and websites posting out of Nepal that we think are worth a follow!


Stories of Nepal (Facebook)

Stories of Nepal follows a Humans of New York posting style by sharing breathtaking portraits of Nepali people and short stories to accompany them. The account is run by Jay Poudyal, a Nepali photographer who says on the Facebook page that  “a picture may say a thousand words, but a few words can change the story.” He also notes that he hopes his story-sharing will encourage and inspire followers to listen to others and share their own stories.

Well, consider us inspired. For real… check it out!

Uniterra Blog

For those of you that have been following Earthbeats’ journey, you’ll know that we both got our start in Nepal with Uniterra, a Canadian international development program operating in 18 countries around the world. They were a huge help in getting Earthbeats started and all of the other Uniterra volunteers played a huge role in shaping our experience in the country. Luckily, Uniterra encourages everyone involved in the project to blog about their experiences. They’ve got a whole section on Nepal and if you’re looking for some other perspectives on what it’s like as a Canadian living and working in Nepal, it’s a wonderful resource. You might even see a few appearances by Paige and Nadia in the blogs!

Nepal Picture Library

Okay, the Nepal Picture Library is really, seriously cool. We follow them on Instagram to get updates whenever they post but for the full experience check out their website.

Essentially, the Nepal Picture Library is a digital photo archive run by a super cool Nepali organization called that “strives to document an inclusive history of the Nepali people by encouraging individuals and families to contribute their photographs and stories to the archive.” So what does that mean? You get an incredible alternate history lesson told by beautiful photos submitted by Nepali people. We can’t get enough of this project!

Wild Tiger (Our Friend and Roommate Jack Kinross)

Jack Kinross is hands down one of the truest activist  we’ve ever met. We were lucky enough to have him as a roommate for a few months right around when Earthbeats was getting started. Jack is pretty much the go-to guy for wildlife conservation in Nepal and the top expert in human-leopard conflict in rural areas where these encounters can be deadly for both parties. He’s also a stellar photographer who once lived with and raised a baby leopard in the Himalayas for several months. Jack is the founder and coordinator of WildTiger, which focuses on conservation research, development and action to bring real solutions in coexistence to the wilds of Nepal. The activism that Jack and his organization do in Nepal is both incredibly important and impactful for the whole subcontinent and we highly suggest a follow.

Travels Around My Nepal (Instagram)

They call themselves a humanitarian storyteller and we agree. Although they are relatively new to the game, the Travels Around My Nepal Instagram page is posting beautiful portrait photography of Nepali people of all ages from around the country. This account seriously makes us homesick for our second home on the other side of the globe. It reminds us of walking down the street in Nepal and all the interesting people you spot along the way, always inviting and happy to chat.

The Ticket to Travel (YouTube)

We discovered Danica and Nathan’s YouTube channel through their documentary on living for a dollar a day in Nepal. We were inspired on their journey through Nepal and their awesome filmmaking. While they don’t focus on just Nepal, the videos they have are a powerful visual tool for people looking to learn more about this incredible, warm and welcoming country.

The Himalayan Times

Okay, yes this last one is a bit different from the first few in that it’s a newspaper, not a blog or account BUT, the Himalayan Times is Nepal’s #1 English newspaper for a reason. We follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with everything that’s going on in Nepal and for an example of really great Nepali journalism. If you’re considering a trip, give the Times a follow before heading out to really get a sense of the country before your feet even hit the tarmac.


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