We love writing about all things Nepal, we really do! But every now and again, in an effort of complete transparency, we want to give you a little update with where Paige, Nadia, and Earthbeats are at.

On the business side, since our shop launch in September we’ve really been trying to focus on improving our customer experience. This has meant a lot of tweaking the website and shop and exploring new ways to connect with you guys! We now have all our products listed in our Facebook shop, giving people another way to look at and purchase our wonderful merchandise.

We’re also making huge steps towards making Earthbeats bilingual. We’ve started on the translation process, with the help of some wonderful friends and hope to have a fully bilingual website soon. We want to reflect the rich diversity of Canada as well as the beautiful diversity of Nepal so we’re really excited about this one.

Another awesome thing we’ve been doing is starting to think about designing new products for 2018. We’ve enlisted the help of a super talented artist who is helping conceptualize some of the ideas we want to bring to our customers!  

And since we love collaboration so much, we’ve really been trying to expand on our guest blogging series, booking bloggers who we know you’ll love reading for the next few months. In case you are from Nepal, have been to Nepal or happen to know a lot about this spectacular country, give us a shout and you could be selected to contribute to Earthbeats’ blog!

All in all, some really exciting things for Earthbeats and hopefully for people who follow us.

As for your founders, Paige and Nadia have both taken on exciting new projects lately.  Nadia is leading a team at La Pépinière | Espaces Collectifs, a Montreal-based nonprofit pioneering the placemaking movement in Canada (transforming underused spaces into inclusive, collective spaces).  And she keeps massaging clients part-time, which again, just like Earthbeats, she is so passionate about she is not going to give up anytime soon!  

Paige recently took a short-term contract reporting position in Williams Lake, British Columbia working for the Williams Lake Tribune. She’s been reporting on all sorts of interesting things and putting that journalism degree to work! If you’re interested, you can read some of her stories here!

That’s all for now folks but we’re going to keep doing these updates monthly just to keep everyone in the loop so make to sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss out!


Paige and Nadia

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  1. rujesh karmacharya

    hi, earthbeats team,
    I’m really excited to learn that someone is promoting Nepali goods and culture to the international market. Hope to see more exciting blog post in future.


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