Tomorrow is Halloween and in Canada, that often means a good ol’ party. Even in Nepal, various nightclubs and bars host Halloween events to appeal to the vast amount of tourists in the country at this time of year. So, in the spirit of party, I’m going to plan your big night out in Kathmandu for you, to make sure you get the most out of what the city has to offer in terms of nightlife.

*This itinerary is based on more experiences than I should probably admit to

OR2K (7pm to 9pm)

We’ve mentioned OR2K in a previous blog and with good reason. This place is the bomb! Its psychedelic atmosphere and fancy cocktails are the perfect way to start off the night. OR2K is also centrally located in Thamel so it’s the perfect place to plan a meet up with all your friends from around the city. Chances are you’ll even run into some friends you didn’t plan on seeing.

Grab dinner from the extensive veggie-friendly menu and get your night started with some cocktails. I recommend a good old gin and tonic because the tonic glows an eerie blue under the black lights, perfect for Halloween.

Buddha Bar (9pm to 11pm)

Buddha Bar is this super dope, if cramped, bar slash lounge that turns into a bumpin’ (literally, it’s really small) dance floor around 10 p.m. Walking into this place is an experience in and of itself. The seating areas are just pillows strewn on raised platforms and the lighting comes from massive candles with years worth of yellowed wax dripping down the sides. Show up before 9pm if you want any chance at all of getting a seat. The drinks are cheap, the beer is flowing and a good group of people will start into dancing (there’s a live DJ) around 10pm.

Buddha Bar closes at midnight and if you want to avoid the rush of people heading for the door in search of the next beer, leave before then.

Purple Haze (11pm to whenever you’re intoxicated enough to take on the next club)

Purple Haze is my hands down favourite bar in all of Nepal. When you walk up the stairs to Purple Haze, you come out right below the massive stage, probably featuring a Nepali rock or metal band wailing away. You’ll hear Nepali metal hits one second and Green Day covers the next, all while people dripping in sweat head bang towards the stage with overflowing beer in their hands. The place is great. You can grab a beer and stay down in the pit to mosh the night away or head up to the outdoor (sort-of) balcony to get far enough away from the noise and heat to have a conversation.

The best thing about this place is that for the most part, people are really there for the music. Not to grab someone’s butt on the dancefloor. How refreshing.

Club OMG (1am to 2:30am)

Club OMG is right below Purple Haze so you don’t have to drunkenly stumble too far between venues. And trust us, Club OMG is fun… but you’re going to want to be a few drinks in before you arrive.

PRO TIP (seriously you’ll thank me later): When you arrive, do whatever you have to do, including throwing your hips and elbows around, to stake out a spot underneath one of the two air conditioners on the dance floor. We recommend the one farthest from the DJ if you plan on keeping the use of your eardrums into old age. This’ll also give you lots of room to dance your heart out to all the most popular hits. Prepare for a good dose of Justin Bieber, who Nepali people seem to love and since I’m Canadian, I’m actually okay with it.

Every bad (…or good?) decision at night in Kathmandu starts in Club OMG. It’s that kind of place and I absolutely love it for that.

Also a huge shoutout to the bartenders and security staff who absolutely will have your back if anyone is being creepy. I mean, it is a nightclub and this can happen but it doesn’t have to ruin your night.

Ibyza (Time is so very irrevelant at this point)

If you make it to Ibyza, you’re a legend and my hero. Club OMG closes at around 2am and for those who manage to make it out of the alleyways crawling with taxi drivers offering to take you home to your sweet, sweet bed, there is Ibyza. The after hours club that as far as we can figure it, doesn’t close. I once stayed until a bleary-eyed 5am and people were still bumping and grinding to the pounding base when I left. On the top floor of a corner building in the middle of Thamel, this place is a refuge for those who don’t want the party to stop. A glowing dance floor and darkly lit balcony adorned with couches I wouldn’t recommend sitting on are the staples of this club. The DJ and bartenders do their very best to make sure your night is one you won’t remember any time soon.


So there you have it. Have fun bebes!

Love, Paige


  1. Dushyant

    Purpale Haze was amazing. I went there after reading this blog. But I guess all the clubs in Thamel have started closing by 1 am. Went to Club OMG – looked like a lot of local crowd; eventually skipped the idea and left. I’ll plan and explore Ibiza, OR2k. Thank you for putting up this info.

    How old is this blog though?

    • Earthbeats

      Hi Dushyant and thanks for your comments! That post was about our months in Nepal in 2016. Outside of Thamel you could also check out Moksh or Base Camp in Jhamsikhel or Jazz Upstairs in Lhazimpat!


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