Organic Tea

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How it’s made

What goes into brewing one of the finest cups of organic tea in Nepal? Why, only 11 easy steps, of course! Everything starts at the KTE plantation, where bushes flourish at an altitude of 1300 to 1800 meters above sea level. A mixture of cool mountain air and bright Nepali sunshine make the Himalayan foothills the perfect place for the leaves to grow.

Once the tea leaves are plucked from the bushes by skilled workers trained in sustainable harvesting, the weathering process begins. Weathering is simply removing excess water from the leaves and stimulating oxidization by blowing hot or cold air onto them. This is where the leaf proteins break down into amino acids, enhancing the amount of caffeine in the leaves. This oxidization process continues during the next step, rolling. The leaves are rolled with the help of some heavy machinery before going on to a temperature controlled room for final oxidization.

Oxidization is responsible for the final look, taste, and feel of the leaves. This process takes approximately 12 hours and is a crucial step in the journey from field to cup. The leaves are then baked, graded and tasted to ensure the utmost quality. Once the leaves pass inspection, they are packaged, shipped and ready to serve!

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