Aromatherapeutic Amulets

How the amulet is made

The word ‘amulet’ is fraught with meaning. Over the years, people have believed amulets will protect them from harm, bring good luck, or drive away evil spirits. These particular ones however, aren’t made of rabbits feet, coins, or gems. Instead, they draw their healing powers from plants sourced from the scared Himalayas.

Plants and herbs are collected from the remote northern districts of Humla and Jumla in Nepal. Nestled among the gentle giants that are the Himalayas, the herbs that go into these amulets grow in abundance. Once they are harvested by the dedicated and resilient people of the north, the herbs make the long journey to Kathmandu, where they are transformed into a product. In the Himalayan Herbs workshop in Kathmandu, skilled craftswomen sew the brilliant pouches and stuff them with a potent combination of herbs. A string and bead are added to facilitate wearing and the amulets are almost ready for sale. The final step is to package the finished product and a short description of the medicinal benefits of the amulet into plastic bags. This ensures the aroma and benefits are preserved until opened and placed around your neck.

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